StayWise Cymru – Saving Lives through education

Swim Wales is supporting the launch of StayWiseCymru –, a free bilingual learning platform aimed at pupils aged 3 -18 years old. StayWiseCymru brings together educational resources of blue light emergency services and blue light organisations which have been designed to the new curriculum in Wales. The site offers free lesson plans, videos, and […]

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Young swimmers

Top Tips for taking your child swimming

As Mum to Cooper, Swim Wales’ National Learn to Swim Manager, Hanna, passes on some of her top tips for introducing little ones to the water. Before becoming a Mum herself, Hanna had the pleasure of taking nearly all of her friends little ones for their first swims with their parents. As confident as Hanna […]

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LTS Upskilling Series Coming Soon!

Swim Wales will be launching a new series of upskilling workshops and seminars as part of Learn to Swim Week 2023 this month. The ‘From Little Bubbles to Mighty Waves’ Upskilling Series will get underway on the final day of the annual Learn to Swim Week campaign, which will run from Saturday 20th May to […]

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MyVoice Safeguarding System Launched

Swim Wales has today launched MyVoice, a new system to report safeguarding concerns. MyVoice allows anyone who has a safeguarding concern about someone else or themselves to report it quickly, easily, and anonymously if they wish, via an easily accessible link on the homepage of the Swim Wales website. Swim Wales has implemented MyVoice in […]

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How to run an artistic swimming club

Cwac Cwac’s join Swim Wales family

Cwac Cwac’s Baby and Toddler Swimming Club have become the latest provider to implement the Learn to Swim Wales Early Years programmes, and their swim school has also been recognised for providing excellence after being awarded Learn to Swim Accreditation. Our latest Accredited Provider, who deliver bilingual lessons across four locations in Cardiff and Caerphilly, […]

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Cardiff Met awarded Learn to Swim Accreditation

Cardiff Met University has become the latest provider to be awarded Swim Wales Learn to Swim Accreditation. As a Swim Wales Accredited Provider, the Cardiff Met Learn to Swim Programme has been recognised for providing excellence in their delivery, governance and sustainability. More importantly, Cardiff Met have demonstrated that they are giving their learners the […]

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Swim Wales Learn to Swim Accreditations Launched

Swim Wales has launched its new Swim Wales Learn to Swim Accreditations across the country. Swim Wales Learn to Swim Accreditations are the new quality mark for swim schools and operators delivering Learn to Swim Programmes in Wales. Learn to Swim providers in Wales are invited to become an Accredited Provider with Swim Wales, the […]

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