A tribute to Robert James from Swim Wales Chair Allen Bewley

In memory of Robert James, former Chief Executive Officer, and Board member of Swim Wales.

I have known Bob as a friend, mentor, and valued working colleague ever since the first time we met way back in 1988, when he was then the Chief Officer of the Welsh Amateur Swimming Association (WASA) and the inspiration, impact, and outstanding support he gave to Aquatics, not just in Wales, but across the whole of the United Kingdom will not be forgotten.

Although Chief Executive Officer, Bob was also a professional accountant and in 2003 played a fundamental role in the migration of the old WASA into the then newly created Swim Wales which is now the recognised National Governing Body responsible for Aquatics throughout the whole of Wales.

As CEO, Bob formerly joined the Board of Swim Wales as Executive Director in 2004 and remained in that role until his retirement in November 2017.

In addition to his commitment to Swim Wales, in 2000 Bob was appointed as Chief Accountant and Board Director at British Swimming, the national governing body responsible internationally for the high-performance representation of the sport of Swimming, a role which he held until November 2016.

Bob was known to very many people at every level in swimming and will be missed by us all. He had a wealth of knowledge with outstanding professional experience which supported and encouraged Aquatics for everyone both nationally and internationally.

Bob’s passing will be grieved by all of us at Swim Wales and we extend our deepest sympathies to his family. RIP my friend and colleague.

Allen Bewley