Safe Aquatic Facility Endorsement

S.A.F.E Cymru (Safe Aquatic Facility Endorsement) is a brand new accreditation designed to support the many outdoor facility partners in Wales. It has been developed with partners for partners, and is built on decades of our experience and invaluable feedback from operators and end customers.

S.A.F.E Cymru will help all open water facilities in Wales further promote and progress open water swimming safely. Our world class accreditation will provide the necessary resources and standards which facilities need to meet to ensure safe participation in Wales.

This accreditation has been developed by Swim Wales in partnership with Welsh Triathlon and is recognised by Welsh Government, Sport Wales and AWWSG as the pinnacle of safe aquatic facility standards in Wales.

S.A.F.E Cymru will promote safety and enjoyment in open water swimming through four key strategic objectives, they are:

Safe Facilities: A national governing body accreditation designed with a supportive and continuous assessment process.

Advice and Guidance: The latest up to date information, support and advice from national governing bodies on open water swimming participants at all levels.

Education and Training: A fully resources and expansive training programme to support both the operational workforce at facilities and our participants at all levels.

Participation: A clear pathway in Wales that helps our nation enjoy, participate, learn and compete in open water swimming.

For further information about S.A.F.E Cymru please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected].