Accredited Provider

As an Accredited Provider you will receive the following:

Accredited Logo with Year

Access to LTSW Support Resources and videos (LTSW Only)

Displayed on Swim Wales website (LTSW Only)

DBS Access through Vibrant Nation*121

Aquatic and Business Development Support from Swim Wales Governance Support (including Best Practice, Safeguarding and Recruitment guidance)

Access to My Concern (LTSW Only)Eligibility to apply for Community Chest funding (Independents only)

Exclusive jobs listings on Swim Wales website and social media channels (LTSW Only)Teacher Register – tool to aid recruitment for both teachers and operators (private Facebook Group)

Monthly networking opportunity (Virtual coffee and chat and when possible in person meetings)Free webinars (LTSW Only)

Gold Provider

Accredited Provider benefits plus:  

Specific Logo with Year

PDF Certification

LTSW Awards (timed price freeze)

CPD / Masterclasses (timed price freeze)

SwimSure bespoke insurance eligibility *DBS Access through Vibrant Nation*

Featured on Swim Wales Website

Discounted delegate rate for LTS Conference

Training and Development Consultancy and planning Annual Health Check  

Optional – Recognition Plaque (cost price)    

In addition to all the benefits that come with both Accredited Provider status, as a Gold Accredited Provider, you will receive a certificate and the Swim Wales Gold Accredited Provider logo.

These quality marks can be displayed at your centre and used on all your promotional material to help customers and learners identify you as a Gold Accredited Provider.

All Accredited providers are featured on our Swim School Listing with a Learn to Swim Accreditation or Gold Accreditation mark next to their name. This means you can be easily differentiated and located by customers, nationwide.