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About Us

About Us

About Us

Swim Wales is the National Governing Body for Aquatics and it associated disciplines in Wales which include Swimming, Water-Polo, Para Swimming, Diving, Artistic Swimming, Open Water and Masters Swimming. The organisation was formed in 1897 as the Welsh Amateur Swimming Association and adopted the trading name of Swim Wales in 2003.

It is responsible for establishing the laws of Aquatic sport, for organising certification and education programmes for coaches, officials and teachers, and for recreational swimming, aiming to ensure that everybody in Wales has the opportunity participate commencing with learn to swim programmes in a safe and fun environment.

Swimming is a vital lifesaving skill and Swim Wales is committed to ensuring their development work includes and provides everyone the opportunity to learn to swim through Swim Wales learn to swim framework.

Swim Wales affiliated organisations are currently structured regionally, with over 80 affiliated member clubs who together have a combined membership of over 11,000 members across South East Wales, West Wales and North Wales regions. Acknowledgement must be given to the huge legion of volunteers who give up their time freely in clubs.

Swim Wales manages the development of competitive swimming to progress skills from foundation to international level, and organises competitions, including closed, national and open championships to provide relevant opportunities.

We are committed to providing an environment that is open to everyone and free from harm, our affiliated organisations are required to adopt Swim Wales Child Safeguarding Policy and Swim Wales Adults at Risk Policy and to have a club Welfare Officer whose responsibility is to embed the good practises the policies portray.

Swim Wales is based at Wales National Pool, Sketty, Swansea. SA2 8QG


Founded in 1897, and known as the Welsh Amateur Swimming Association set its objectives to promote and encourage participation in Aquatic Sport.

Over the years, our objectives have expanded to embrace other disciplines, which now include Artistic Swimming, Open Water, Para Swimming, Masters Swimming and Diving.

In June 2004, the Association became a company limited by guarantee and began trading as Swim Wales.

Regions were established and were known as - South East Wales, West Wales and North Wales. These regions have provided the delegates, committees and panel members for the Association’s comprehensive activities over the years.

In April 2016, the organisation saw the appointment of a new Chief Executive Officer. Since the appointment, a review of the company took place and we have seen new appointments to lead specific areas of the business focusing on the development of Aquatic Sport and maintaining a welcome and positive culture for participants.

Our Vision 

Aquatics for everyone for life.

Our Mission 

A world leading NGB delivering excellence, inspiring our nation to enjoy, participate, learn and compete in Welsh Aquatics.