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Swim Wales Drill Progression Movement Flow Breaststroke

National, Performance

This video will introduce the swimmer to a Movement Flow sequence specific to developing the physical qualities required to complete the pool based Breaststroke Drill Progressions.

A Movement Flow, is a system of combining movements and exercises into a methodical sequence, moving from one pose to the next, expressing fluidity and allowing for smooth transitions between poses. Performing Movement Flows, not only develops strength and stability, but also cultivates creativity within physical development.

The exercises used within the Movement Flow video, are the same exercises and movements used within the Drill Progressions. For example, the ‘Breaststroke Movement Flow’, contains the exercises used within the ‘Breaststroke Drill Progressions’.

Swim Wales Drill Progression Movement Flow Breaststroke Video

The Movement Flow demonstrated in this video, does not cover all the technical points or instructions for each exercise. If you require more coaching or technical points around individual exercises used within the Movement Flow. This information can be found in the earlier Drill Progression videos.