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Helping Our Children and Young People During These Unprecedented Times

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Helping Our Children and Young People During These Unprecedented Times

Staying safe online with apps in use – Houseparty App Understand the Risks

INEQE Safeguarding Group believe in empowering people to stay safer through education and the use of innovative technology.

As a leading independent safeguarding organisation they provide a service to organisations in unique and innovative ways for Safeguarding. It is at times like these we call on specialists to help us even more when protecting children, so many young people will be taking advantage of apps that allow contact in many variations with friends and family. A popular platform at the moment is Houseparty, but do you know enough about it to ensure users are safe. Follow the link below for vital security information

Additional ResourcesIneqe’s #OnlineSafetyAtHome pack is now available - have a look at the resources available, these include new activities for:

  • 4-5s
  • 5-7s
  • 8-10s
  • 11-13s
  • 14+

Mental Health Awareness

School and sports clubs provide refuge for some children, Childline report over 900 counselling sessions about coronavirus have taken place with children and young people.

Over half of young people who spoke to Childline about coronavirus were counselled for their mental and emotional health around issues like isolation, arguments at home and removal of professional support from schools and the NHS. For further information please use the link below:

NSPCC Corona Virus Hub

The NSPCC has collated all the information relevant at this time in one place. This includes some really good information for finally, don’t forget your own mental health!

Affiliated partners please share with your parents, everything we can do to protect and support children and young people during these extraordinary times is vital.