A club Member or an Associate Member shall be eligible to choose Wales as their country of representation for membership records if one of the following criteria is met:

(a) they were born in Wales; or

(b) their parent or grandparent was born in Wales; or

(c) they have been continuously resident in Wales for more than 12 months if aged 16 or under or 36 months or over if aged over 16

Get in touch to confirm eligibility

Please send evidence (birth certificates, etc) of your Welsh heritage to swimwales-membership@swimming.org for consideration. 

Once approved, please sign up to our Membership system, JustGo to register your details via https://swimwales.justgo.com or the Membership page on this website.  Your country of representation status will then be updated. You can select to receive Swim Wales communications during the registration process to ensure you receive notification of our future events.  Swim Wales forthcoming Events can be found here: https://www.swimwales.org/events/