The Meet License application process for club events has moved to JustGo. 

The information required for licensing has not changed, but Swim Wales will no longer be taking Meet license applications via the manual form previously used.

Licensing Club events through the JustGo Membership system has several benefits:

  • Once the license application has been approved by Swim Wales it will automatically be added to the Swim Wales Events calendar. Clubs can upload documents, descriptions, or pictures to the event when setting it up in JustGo, which will then transfer onto the website Events calendar.
  • Payment for the license will go through the JustGo system as well. The price remains the same – L1 £25, L2 £20 and L3 £15.
  • Spectator pre-sale and poolside pass tickets can be sold through the system as well, with payment for these sales made directly to your club. These can be added when you are setting up your event in Event management in JustGo, which forms part of the license application process.

Please refer to the user guide below for step by step instructions