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Swim Wales announces innovative GoMembership system

Nofio, Plymio, Nofio Artistig, Polo Dŵr, Addysg

Swim Wales is proud to reveal its new and innovative membership system.

The National Governing Body for aquatics in Wales has partnered with GoMembership to bring its affiliated clubs and members closer to the organisation than ever before. After a five-year consultation period with members, clubs and stakeholders, the One Solution Membership System from GoMembership is ready to launch.

The system will provide an easy to use platform to engage with swimmers of all levels, from elite athletes stepping onto the Olympic podium, to those taking their first strokes in the pool.

Swim Wales has over 80 connected clubs with more than 11,000 members across the nation. As part of the organisation’s digital transformation, each member will now have their own tailor experience on the simple to use, streamlined and secure platform.

A primary focus is to oversee the growth of competitive swimming from foundation to international level and arrange events including closed, national, and open championships, which will now be more easily accessible to club and independent Swim Wales members.

GoMembership have provided Swim Wales with a system that can satisfy the requirements of both the NGB and its affiliated clubs through the self-configurable, easy-to-manage, multi-tiered solution that keeps all their administration needs in one place.

Simon Clarke, Swim Wales Head of Aquatic Development, said: “It’s been a long journey to this point however, This partnership will usher in a new era for Swim Wales as an organisation, and thousands of aquatically active people across the nation. The One Solution Membership System will allow Swim Wales to engage with its affiliated clubs securely and efficiently, while offering a gateway for new members to be welcomed into the aquatics community. We’re delighted to partner with GoMembership, and it’s fitting that as we head into our 125th year, we now have a cutting edge membership system to match our ambition as a National Governing Body.”

Phil Robinson, Commercial Director at GoMembership, stated, “It gives me great pleasure to welcome Swim Wales to the GoMembership Community, they are a forward-thinking and progressive organisation. I’m excited that we’ll play a major role in the digital evolution of the company and be there with them through their upcoming adventure. I would also like to add a big congratulations to Matthew Richards and Calum Jarvis for their excellent performances and winning the first Welsh gold medals in the Tokyo Olympic Games.”

We are excited to share this opportunity with you as our existing participants and affiliated member clubs, as well as providing a platform for the 500,000 people aquatically active, pre CVOID. Further enhancing vision for Aquatics for everyone for life.

More information on what this means for you will be released in the coming weeks.