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Swim Wales Membership

Membership Categories & Prices

Membership Categories & Prices

Please see Membership Categories and Prices below...

Category 1 - £32.00 (Under 10's)

Category 2 - £34.00 (Competitive 10 and Over)

Category 3 - £22.00 (Non-Swimming)

Category 4 - £30.00 (Competitive Over 70)

Category 5 - £22.00 (Non- Swimming Over 70)

**Reduced period from 1st January  – 31st March - £15.00 for all categories. 

Membership Form

Any new member of an affiliated Swim Wales club must complete this form and return to their club membership officer. Any new individual members must complete this form and submit this to the central membership team - .

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Welsh Eligibility Criteria

Welsh Eligibility Criteria

Please see Welsh Eligibility Criteria below...

To change the members country of representation the following criteria would need to be met, according to the Swim Wales Rules:

 An Individual Member shall be eligible for selection to represent Wales at a swimming event :

a)     if he or she was born in Wales; or

b)     if his or her parent or a grandparent was born in Wales; or

c)   if he or she has been continuously resident in Wales for more than 12 months if aged 16 or under - or 36 months or over if aged over 16; and

d)  (Subject to the next two clauses e) and f) - he or she has not represented another country in the sport of swimming as defined.

e)  Subject to the next clause

f)   After having represented one Commonwealth Country at the Commonwealth Games, a competitor may not represent another Commonwealth Country unless he or she receives the approval of FINA, the relevant IF and the Affiliated CGAs of the two Commonwealth Countries concerned. Applications under this article must be submitted to the Directors at least 12 months prior to the commencement of the Games. The IF is the International Sports Federation of the country in question. The CGA is the Commonwealth Games Association of the country in question.

N.B. Please note the criteria to represent Wales at the Commonwealth games will be differ from the above the criteria for this is:

Eligibility of Athletes

7.4 All athletes must be eligible to compete by nationality for Wales as per the CGF Constitution.

7.5 All athletes must hold a British passport.

7.6 Each athlete must either have been:-

7.6.1 Born in Wales;

7.6.2 Have a Welsh parent; or

7.6.3 Have applied for and been granted a dispensation.

7.7 There are some areas where we ask for dispensation, most commonly 5 years residency. This is 5 years continuous up to the Games.

Please alert the CGCW office – to any athlete who may need dispensation. 

Membership Benefits

Membership Benefits

Please see Membership Benefits below...

Swim Wales Membership Benefits

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Swim Wales Membership Benefits Infographic

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