Swim Wales is dedicated to supporting honesty and transparency in sport. Find out about anti doping policy, search the latest banned list, and learn about our drug testing procedures.


Registered Testing Pools
The National Registered Testing Pool is managed by UKAD and the International Registered Testing Pool is managed by FINA. British Swimming notifies athletes of their inclusion in FINA’s testing pool.


Anti-Doping Education

British Swimming work with closely UKAD to ensure the legacy of clean ASA and British Swimming athletes, within the future generations. These athletes will require prevention and protection from doping and education plays a key role in achieving this. We aim to do this by installing a culture of doping-free sport by ensuring that all athletes understand and practice the values of clean sport.


Anti-Doping Rules

British Swimming (and its members ASA, SASA and WASA) is a member of FINA. FINA are an international body responsible under the World Anti-Doping Agency Code for regulating doping control on all the aquatic disciplines.


British Swimming Medical Declaration Form removal

The British Swimming Medical Declaration form has been removed from use and circulation as of 1st January 2016. ASA members are no longer required to complete the form and forms no part of doping control at any event. Please see the anti-doping points below for further anti-doping advice.


Checking Meds

The WADA Prohibited List is amended annually but is subject to change from time to time. The list describes each prohibited class of substance with examples. The prohibited list comes into effect on January 1st every year and can be found at If you would like to know more about the Prohibited List Categories, please contact the British Swimming Anti-Doping Manager.



Assess the need, assess the risk. Extreme caution is recommended regarding supplement use