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Waterpolo Event Volunteering

There are many opportunities to get involved in water polo from becoming a team manager, coaching or administration roles within a club

Waterpolo Volunteer

 All grassroots sport relies on the commitment and enthusiasm of its volunteers. Swimming is no different. Sign up as a volunteer and you will make a significant contribution to our local, regional and national volunteer community. It’s a rewarding way to support the growth of aquatic sport.

Volunteers Roles

There are plenty of ways to volunteer, with a role to suit every personality type and skill set.


Runners work alongside the control room staff, and post meet results after each event has taken place (displayed at either end of the pool and on the spectator balcony). A copy of the results should also be given to the announcer and the Information Desk.


The role of catering requires you to facilitate the serving of food at meal times for officials and volunteer staff. You will also need to check levels of water in the urn, and check the stock of tea, coffee and sugar on a regular basis. Catering volunteers also take refreshments to all the volunteers working on poolside, including the announcer.


Marshals ensure that all the competitors are present and lined up accordingly in the correct heats and lanes for their event. Marshals will also be expected to keep the flow of heats moving regularly around the pool once a race has started. Marshals are required at the call room for final races (to sign the swimmers in for their events and make sure they are ready to enter poolside for the start of the race). They will also need to report any missing competitors to the lead referee.


The role of the Announcer is to Open and Close each session by welcoming officials on to poolside and releasing them. The announcer commentates throughout the races and announces results of Heat Sessions including Disqualifications. The Announcer will also will let spectators know of any swimmers competing or withdrawing from finals session.You’ll need a strong clear voice for this role. Initially you would shadow an experienced announcer.

Final Withdrawals

The role for Withdrawals is based on poolside. The swimmers will come to you if they have made a final and wish to withdraw, you will then need to complete a page in the withdrawal triplicate book and a copy of this is then given to the Control Room and the Announcer.


Volunteers in the Merchandise Shop requires excellent levels of customer service. You’ll assist customers with the purchasing of meet merchandise, handle payments by cash and card, and maintain the levels of merchandise stock. You will be assisted by another volunteer.

Spectator Door

The volunteers at the Spectator Door needs to have excellent levels of customer service. You’ll help customers buy spectators wristbands and the programme, and will handle payments by cash and card. You will be assisted by another volunteer.

Information Desk

The role for the Information Desk is another customer service role. You’ll assist with Meet queries from Coaches, Spectators and Swimmers and will help distribute pre-paid spectator tickets.

Field of Play

Field of Play volunteers manage the warm up session, make sure that the correct clubs are in the relevant assigned lanes, and ensure a clear deck at all times during the competition. You will also be required to manage the equipment (i.e. lap counters and bells for long distance events, kit boxes, chairs) as directed by the Lead Referee.

Hour Bank

Swim Wales recognise the huge contribution of hours from volunteers across Wales who support swimming. Without them it is likely that your club would not run!The Swim Wales Hour Bank is an online system that allows volunteers to log the hours they contribute to supporting their clubs, swimmers and events. As a thank you, volunteers can redeem these hours for vouchers, which can be spent on a selection of prizes including Swim Wales Hour Bank merchandise, event tickets and meet entries.

The Swim Wales Hour Bank is currently offline and undergoing a review. We are therefore unable to log new hours and register new volunteers. Volunteers who have logged their hours have until August 31st 2016 to redeem and spend their vouchers. After August 31st the system will be closed and any remaining hours will be unavailable.

For more information please click HERE to view Swim Wales Hour Bank website