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Swim Wales Leaders Course

Swim Wales Leaders Award

(Competitive Swimming)

Swim Wales would like to introduce the Swim Wales Leaders Award.  This course has been developed in partnership with Sports Leaders UK and is suitable for anyone wishing to take the first steps into coaching or helping on poolside - such as parents or ex-competitive swimmers and will provide a basic introduction to the leaderships skills required to successfully lead aquatic activities.  Learners must be aged 14 years or above.  The course cost is free to affiliated Swim Wales members.

The 6 hour course will comprise three modules as follows:

Module 1:  Developing communication skills as a leader (1.5 hrs)

Module 2:  Planning, preparing and assisting with an activity (1.5 hrs)

Module 3:  Developing leadership skills - Competitive Swimming (3 hrs)

Modules 1 and 2 are generic and focus on the basic skills required to lead others in any sport or activity.  Module 3 has a swimming specific focus and will bring the first two modules together and put them into a swimming specific context. 

During Module 3 Learners will cover the following:

Understand health & safety requirements of an aquatic environment and principles of good practiceKnow the basic skills required to participate in the sport and be able to break down the skills, so they can be communicated to othersUnderstand the role of the technical officer and know the basic laws of the sportKnow the opportunities available to them to further their leadership skillsDemonstrate leadership skills, using knowledge from previous modules 

The course will require one hour of practical and it is envisaged that this will take place during existing club sessions.

Courses can be delivered as one 6 hour (full day) course or as two separate units of 3 hours each.

For further information or to book a course at your club please contact: 

Penny John-Pearse (E:  M:  07766 655364 or

Katie Genan (E:   T:  01792 513580)