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What is Artistic Swimming?

Artistic Swimming formally known as Synchronised swimming (synchro)

Artistic Swimming is an exciting mixture of swimming, dance and gymnastics performed in the water to music. The sports name was changes summer of 2017 but it still the same impressive, challenging display of strength and skill but just with a brand new name. 

Swimmers learn a number of moves know as figures which they incorporate into routines which is preformed to music, in either a solo, duet or team.

It demands great water skills, strength, endurance, and flexibility, synchronisation is a great way to get fit as well as learn something new and have a lot of fun. Roughly two-thirds of a artistic swimming routine is performed under water. Artistic swimming is not just for females, men can also participate in the sport!

Artistic Swimming Pathway

Artistic Swimming Pathway

Artistic Swimming Pathway

Swim Wales Artistic Swimming (Synchro) Sport Pathway

There are 6 steps within Artistic Swimming (Synchro) Sport Pathway

  • Swim Wales -Learn to Swim Wales Framework
  • Swim Wales -Learn to Swim Artistic Swimming (Synchro) Introduction to Artistic Swimming (Synchro) Skill Levels 1-5. Can start once passed Wave 4
  • Artistic Swimming (Synchro) Clubs
  • Welsh National Development Squad (Junior’s) October 2017
  • Welsh National Squad Coming 2019 (Senior’s)
  • Great Britain