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Swim Wales Coach CPD Clinic


Swim Wales Coach - CPD Clinic

As the sport of swimming becomes ever more professional, land conditioning is becoming ever more relevant to performance at an elite level for the development of stroke efficiency and speed.

With this in mind, attention and focus needs to shift towards creating and developing athletes from within clubs who are capable of performing correct ‘Movement Patterns of Strokes’ and have the ability to ‘transition into senior strength & conditioning programmes’.

Although this progress has been made at the elite level, most athletes have had to progress slower than hoped or even take steps backwards in the gym, also the impact on performance has been limited into its direct transfer into the pool.

At Swim Wales we are hoping to lead the way as a nation into making significant strides in this area at competitive development level, enhancing the ability of a swimmer to transition through to a senior athlete and reach their full potential.

The framework that we are putting in place will further the knowledge and understanding of drills for both coaches and swimmers and assist in the knowledge of what drills are going to impact most on the improvement of the individual through maturation.

As a sport we need to think about the positive impact that land conditioning can add. How much attention is being given to this? If you train for 6 / 12 / 16 hours in the pool, is 2 / 3 / 4 hours on land enough to impact. Including pre and post pool and land conditioning how much are you doing and is the programme generic for the squad or individualised?

This CPD information has been designed by Swim Wales staff, Graeme Antwhistle – Coach Development Manager / Rhys Shorney – Physiotherapist / Spencer Fuge – Strength & Conditioning and developed with practioners from around Wales including; swim coaches, strength & conditioning coaches and physios as to the practical application and ease of use of the resource within club environments.

“This is a new and exciting initiative that we really hope can make a significant positive impact on the development of swimmers within Wales. As a nation we have some forward thinking and engaging coaches who we are hoping will passionately deliver this framework within their clubs to ensure Swim Wales continues to inspire athletes to achieve at the highest level”


What do you get from the clinic?

Individual attendance on the course is necessary to access the new online video, App & coaching resources

  • Elite Athlete demonstrations
  • Technical development advice
  • Drill Progression for each stroke
  • Land progression for each stroke
  • Framework for development
  • Resources for easy use

10 opportunities to attend around Wales!

First up – Butterfly / Oct – Dec

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