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Advertising opportunities at Summer Open Meet 2018!

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The 2018 Swim Wales Summer Open Meet, incorporating Home Nations Summer event will be held at the Wales’ National Pool, Swansea from the 30th July to the 5th August. The open competition is a level 1 Long Course (50m) meet aimed at top ranking swimmers. The event is offered as guaranteed first invite places to top Wales Club ranked swimmers.

The seven day competition is expecting over 1,200 swimmers, 160 clubs, 72 officials and 3,360 spectators. 

With less than a month to go, Swim Wales still have advertising opportunities available that will enable your brand and business to reach thousands of individuals throughout Wales and beyond.

Swim Wales advertising opportunities that are still available include;

Facebook Live Stream Advertising:

With our Facebook Live Stream advertising opportunity, your sponsorship logo will be placed in the bottom left hand corner of the live stream screen. This will present opportunity for huge coverage of the business logo and branding, reaching individuals nationally from our successful streaming rate. Swim Wales offer a number of live streaming packages.

Trade Stand Advertising:

Swim Wales currently offer two Trade Stand advertising opportunities; a table for meet and greet with merchandise distribution, or pop up banner displays where space allows. During events the reception area at the Wales National Pool, fills up quickly with thousands of swimmers, spectators and clubs flooding through the doors. This presents amazing opportunities to advertise, promote and interact with individuals.

However, if your business objective is to improve brand awareness, Swim Wales are also presenting a pop up banner opportunity where by you can display your business offering and branding within the busy reception and entrance area. This will certainly boost brand exposure.

Scoreboard Advertising:

Another popular opportunity is the Scoreboard Advertising as again this is at the forefront of the action, for thousands of people to see. Swim Wales allow for Scoreboard adverts to be placed on reel between sessions allowing for coverage to be shown throughout the competition. These adverts will also be displayed on our Facebook Life Stream between sessions which will again achieve huge amount of reach due to our Live Stream success rate.

Digital Package:

Swim Wales currently have a great social media presences with nearly 3,800 Facebook followers, 6,528 Twitter followers and 1,785 Instagram followers, which are all increasing daily. Along with this, we also have great social media engagement as Swim Wales followers regularly like, comment and share content as they are interested in what’s happening within the sport. Due to this, Swim Wales are offering an amazing digital package whereby we will utilise our social media accounts to advertise and improve reach for your business.

Swim Wales advertising digital package includes;

-          Scoreboard advertising on reel

-          One shout out mention on Facebook per day

-          One Shout out mention on Twitter per day

-          One Shout out on Instagram during the event

For more information about our packages or to tailor this to your business needs, simply contact Swim Wales. Please do not hesitate to contact us as the Summer Open Meet 2018 is fast approaching. To discuss pricing or to find out more information please call us on 01792 513636 or email