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Long Course Championships 2018 Facebook Live Stream Success

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True to form, our Easter Bank Holiday weekend Long Course Championships was a great success! The four day weekend hosted at Wales National Pool, Swansea saw a total number of 537 swimmers, 68 swim clubs, 52 officials and thousands of spectators.

The event was a level 1 closed 50m long course meet which was aimed at top ranking swimmers and para-swimmers.

Our Easter Championships was the first live streamed event which was published onto the Swim Wales Facebook page. Each session was live streamed to a very high standard allowing individuals who were not present at the event to enjoy the races and embrace the competitions amazing atmosphere. It really was a triumph!

Over the four days our live stream reached over a massive 50,000 views, attaining a huge amount of people. Each day saw on average 10,000 viewers watching the sessions, reaching individuals throughout of Wales and beyond. The amount of positive and motivating comments which were being posted live on the stream were engaging and encouraging for the swimmers themselves. Parents, family members and friends were able to like, comment, share and support the swimmers from miles away boosting awareness of the competition and Swim Wales events.

Due to this outstanding success and engagement from Facebook users, we will continue to live stream our events in the future to grow awareness and visibility of our talented swimmers and incredible competitions.

Along with allowing absent members to watch the event, our live stream also presents opportunities for business sponsorship and advertising. At Swim Wales, we have a number of sponsorship packages available during our events from score board displays to trade stand advertising. As well as having coverage at the event, the live stream also presents opportunity for sponsorship and advertising deals to reach a much larger audience. This is an amazing opportunity for local and worldwide businesses to utilise Swim Wales events coverage to boost their business awareness!


Summer Open Meet 2018 Incorporating British Swimming Home Nation Summer Events;

Interested in advertising at our summer seven day open event? Don’t miss this opportunity! With more swimmers and a longer event, the Facebook live stream will be running for the whole seven days. Again, as mentioned the live stream will allow for advertising coverage reaching individuals throughout of Wales and beyond.

Contact us now to find out more information about Swim Wales sponsorship packages and to get your business coverage at our next event!