The WADA Prohibited
List is amended annually but is subject to change from time to time.  The list describes each prohibited class of
substance with examples. The prohibited list comes into effect on January 1st
every year and can be found at  If you would like to know more
about the Prohibited List Categories, please contact the British Swimming Anti-Doping

Checking Medication 

Before taking any medication, athletes are advised to check the Global Drug Reference

Global DRO is a very easy-to-use, online information service. It provides accurate
information on the current status of substances and branded medical products
according to the current WADA Prohibited List.
checks medications purchased in UK, USA, Canada and Japan only.

should have the product box or prescription to hand and the must ensure they
type in and select the exact product name from the choices on offer.  It is crucial that this is correct, as some
products may be both permitted and prohibited depending on the exact type.  They should also ensure that they select the
correct country of purchase in, as ingredients for apparently the same product
can vary between countries.

Some products are permitted out-of-competition but not in-competition. Global DRO
gives the exact status of your medication. 
If a product is allowed out- of- competition but not in-competition, we
advise athletes to seek medical advice to ensure that the medication is out of
their systems BEFORE the in-competition period.

A reference number will appear on Global DRO when you check medication. Athletes
should note down the reference number as an additional safeguard.

Please note that Global DRO does not include nutritional supplements or herbal

If the athlete or coach is unsure of how to check medication using this database,
they should contact the British Swimming Anti-Doping Manager.


should be aware of the following potential pitfalls:

Repeat Prescriptions 

Check that repeat prescriptions are for exactly the same medication as originally
prescribed. If the prescription has even slightly changed, athletes should
check the new brand or ingredients on Global DRO to ensure the product is not

Receiving medication abroad 

Even if an athlete's medication looks exactly the same, manufacturers use different
ingredients or dosages for the same product in different countries.  Athletes are advised to take enough
medication to cover their time abroad. If they need to take foreign-purchased
medication, they should check Global DRO and, select the country of purchase.

Check your medications                        - 

  • Record the reference number of each
    medication checked

  • Ask for assistance if unsure or the results
    show "prohibited" in or out of competition

If you have any question please contact
Rachel Burrows on 01509 640147 or email;

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