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Why become a member?

Whatever you want from your sport – a challenge, fitness, teamwork, friendship or that winning feeling, our aquatic disciplines have something for you. With a choice of swimming, diving, open water, master’s, water polo and synchro, we cater for every taste. Joining one of our clubs isn’t just open to the young and nimble either, we have a thriving master’s community across the country with one of our oldest swimmers being 85 years old.

Membership Categories

  • Cat 1 - £32.00 (Under 10) 
  • Cat 2 - £34.00 (Competitive 10 and over) 
  • Cat 3 - £22.00 (Non Swimming ) 
  • Cat 4 - £30.00 (Competitive over 70) 
  • Cat 5 - £22.00 ( Non Swimming over 70) 

Membership Benefits

As a Welsh Swimming member you will receive a wide range of benefits and support, whatever level you are on, from beginner to elite athlete, from club volunteer to aquatics provider.

  • Association with the National Governing Body for Aquatics in Wales
  • Access to policies and procedures – Templates, policies, content and on the phone support
  • Governance – Welfare, Safeguarding, Parental Support, Members Support, Club structure
  • RBM soon to be ADO support in the region
  • DBS Facility as part of the safe recruitment processes
  • Affiliated clubs can apply for grants/community chest
  • Access to performance club structure, support and services
  • Competitions and development pathway to support swimmers
  • Insurance – Insured for all activities dry side/wet side, all training, competitions home and abroad
  • Legal helpline
  • Conferences/Best practice advice
  • Sport Recreation Alliance
  • NGB Accreditation/Quality Assurance Programme
  • All NGB staff support all members and clubs
  • Free job vacancy advertising on and social media channels

Data Protection

The Welsh Swimming / British Swimming take Data Protection very seriously and the organisation’s data protection notice is detailed below. If you wish to download a copy please use the link on the right hand side.

Collection and use of your information : About us.  Welsh Swimming, trading as Swim Wales is a constituent member of British Swimming Limited (British Swimming).  The other members are the Amateur Swimming Association (ASA), and the Scotish Amateur Swimming Association (SASA). 

Purpose.  Welsh Swimming and British Swimming will each hold the details provided on this registration form with other information it holds or obtains from or about you and will use this for the following purposes:

  • for maintaining records
  • to respond to any enquiries you make
  • to administer any events in which you participate or may wish to participate and to deal with any incidents involving you
  • to create an individual profile for you so that we can understand and respect your preferences
  • to create anonymised aggregated information about members and swimmers to enable us to secure funding
  • to contact you about swimming events, offers and opportunities available from Scottish Swimming or British Swimming or any commercial partner of either of them by post, email, online or phone (where you have indicated you are happy to hear about these) 

Recording images. Welsh Swimming and British Swimming may record the competition events in which you participate and general images of swimmers will form part of the information we hold and use.  In addition to the purposes for general information set out above, Welsh Swimming and/or British Swimming may use these recordings and images for the purposes of education and training, swimmer analysis, promotion, performance, development and selection and event analysis.

Other uses.  Where your information may be used for additional purposes, such as medical information, you will be provided with further details of how your information will be used at the relevant time

Disclosure of your information

Clubs that organise their own competitions may publish details on this website and if you wish to hide this information you should contact the Club directly.

Data use outside of the EU. If you apply for or take part in an event that takes place outside the European Union, your information will be disclosed to the relevant event organiser(s) in the host nation.  These nations may not have laws as stringent as ours to protect your personal data.

Images. Images may be disclosed to those Clubs for which you are a member for swimmer selection purposes.  They may also be disclosed to the media for promoting swimming and the reporting of events. You should see the data protection policy for the relevant District and Club(s) for details of how your information will be used.

ASA and SASA.  As constituent members of British Swimming, ASA and SASA will be able to view your information for swimming administration purposes only.

Doping Control.  If you enter swimming competitions, you may be subject to doping control as part of the Welsh Swimming/British Swimming commitment to a drug free sport.  At the time of sample collection, your personal data will be collected by UK Sport which undertakes the testing and administers the programme.  You should see the data protection notice for UK Sport for details of how your information will be used (


Partners.  Welsh Swimming and British Swimming each work with a number of sponsors and commercial partners (details of these can be found at to promote swimming, raise funding for the sport and to secure opportunities for members. Scottish Swimming and British Swimming would like to contact you by post or electronically to tell you more about the offers available to you. Please help us serve you better by telling us if you express an interest in our goods and services.

Opt outs. You have the right to refuse direct marketing and can do so by ticking the relevant box(es) on the reverse of this form.

Cwestiynau Cyffredin

  • How do I become a member?

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  • Why should I become a member?

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  • Where do I find the membership forms?

    All club memberships are carried out through the on-line membership system (OMS) This will be carried out by your club secretary.
    Membership forms for individual members only can be obtained from Swim Wales.

  • What is a Welsh Individual Member?

    This is a swimmer who doesn’t reside in Wales (lives in England/Scotland), but would like to swim with Wales as their Country of International Representation. Certain criteria need to be met. Please note, a swimmer cannot change Country of International Representation to swim at Welsh National meets and then change back to England/Scotland to swim at English/Scottish National meets.

  • What is the criteria for to represent Wales?

    An Individual Member shall be eligible for selection to represent Wales at a swimming event :
    a) if he or she was born in Wales; or
    b) if his or her parent or a grandparent was born in Wales; or
    c) if he or she has been continuously resident in Wales for more than 12 months if aged 16 or under - or 36 months or over if aged over 16; and
    d) (Subject to the next two clauses
    e) and f) - he or she has not represented another country in the sport of swimming as defined. e) Subject to the next clause f) where a competitor was born in a Commonwealth Country that has common citizenship/passport with other Commonwealth Countries, the competitor may initially represent either the competitor's Commonwealth Country of birth, or the Commonwealth Country of birth of his or her father or mother that shares the same citizenship/passport; f) After having represented one Commonwealth Country at the Commonwealth Games, a competitor may not represent another Commonwealth Country unless he or she receives the approval of FINA, the relevant IF and the Affiliated CGAs of the two Swim Wales Rules 13/05/2016 5 Commonwealth Countries concerned. Applications under this article must be submitted to the Directors at least 12 months prior to the commencement of the Games. The IF is the International Sports Federation of the country in question. The CGA is the Commonwealth Games Association of the country in question.

Membership Form - Individuals

Download form for Individual membership only


Swim School Affiliation

Swim Schools are defined as 'An organisation, other than a club, that teaches swimming and have staff who would benefit from registering with Welsh Swimming as a Teacher/Coach'. They can be voluntary (club); public (local authority) or private (company). The difference between a Club and a Swim School is that the Club and its members take part in competitions. A Swim School is an organisation where the members do not take part in competitions.

Swim Schools that wish to have a formal relationship with Welsh Swimming will have voting rights at future Welsh Swimming AGMs, can apply to be affiliated to the governing body. This will enable teachers and coaches (cost £TBC per person), who may be employed by the Swim School, to apply to become members of Welsh Swimming to get necessary insurance cover, access bursaries and become licensed at no additional cost.

To be eligible to join the Swim Wales as a Swim School Member, your swim school must meet the following criteria:

  • Provide written assurance you will comply with the Swim Wales Child Protection procedures;
  • Employ teachers who have their own adequate professional insurance to cover activities within the school and have a relevant teaching qualification.
  • Using teachers with recognised qualifications
  • Follow the Swim Wales National Plan for teaching with Swim Wales Awards

Application process - The cost for applying for a Swim School Affiliation is £75 per year.

To apply please call the Swim Wales office where we will pass your details on to your local Regional Business Manager

Swim School Affiliation Benefits

 What is the Swim Wales Swim School Scheme?

It is a type of membership that enables a swim school to access the help, support and expertise of the National Governing body that it needs.  It also gives the Swim School access to the Welsh Learn to Swim Scheme and our online Aqua Passport scheme

  • Access to help and advice from the Swim Wales Regional Business Manager
  • Free job vacancy advertising on and social media chanels 
  • Discount on Swim Wales Awards and Aqua Passport membership (
  • Preferential rate of insurance for the school through our insurers
  • Listing of the swim school on the Swim Wales website (assuming the school is on the Swim Wales awards or Aqua Passport)
  • 10% Discount on all UKCC Courses and CPD if the school signs up to Aqua Passport

Cwestiynau Cyffredin

  • As a swim school what do we need to provide Welsh Swimming to become affiliated?

    - Adequate public liability insurance for their swimmers, teachers &
    - An adequate child protection policy and method of undertaking
    DBS checks and child protection training
    - Run a learn to swim programme that is overseen by at least one teacher or coach who is certified at UKCC level 2 or above.

  • Does a swim school need a committee?

    Not necessarily, a Swim School set up as a Company Ltd by Guarantee should have a Board of Directors, and an Unincorporated Association should have a committee.

  • Does a swim school need a constitution?

    Swim Schools set up as a Company Ltd by Guarantee and Unincorporated Association should have a constitution.

  • Do the teachers/coaches need to be members?

    No, however the Swim School has to ensure that there is appropriate insurance cover.

  • Do we need public liability and/or employer liability insurance in place?

    Yes, you will need personal accident liability, public liability and employer liability insurances

  • Can our swimmers enter local competitions?

    No, the swimmers must be members of Scottish Swimming which is only possible through club status.