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Para-Swimming at Competition

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Swim Wales are constantly working to ensure equal opportunities across all levels of aquatic competition. To ensure the continued development and integration of Para-Swimming in Wales, Swim Wales are committed to guiding clubs towards a fully integrated competition pathway.

As a result, Para-Swimming qualification times must be provided in the meet pack to allow for fully integrated entry opportunities. The qualification times will be consistent with the level of competition.

Para-Swimming qualification times do not suggest separate Multi-Classification events are required; Para-Swimmers should be seeded for heats relevant to their entry time.

The Swim Wales recommended Para-Swimming qualification times are available on the swim wales website. For more information and support please contact

Para-Swimmers must adhere to the following criteria:

  •  Swimmers competing in an integrated competition and entering on a Para-Swimming qualification time should hold a British/IPC classification. Swimmers without a classification are ineligible to enter with Para-Swimming qualification time and must qualify for entry on an able body time
  • In the event of a classification event being held during an event, organisers must ensure relevant facilities are available and accessible
  • All events operating with a multi disability integrated programme must ensure that they have access to a Disability Points System software
  • Where separate Para-Swimming events are taking place, heats should be arranged time seeded

For further support please contact Swim Wales Disability Manager: