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Commonwealth Games nomination and appeals

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Commonwealth Games nomination and appeals

Following the close of the Swim Wales nomination period on the 3rd December 2017, all athletes to be included on the list of nominations by Swim Wales to Commonwealth Games Wales (CGW) for selection consideration have been informed via email today (5th December). Only athletes satisfying the Swim Wales Commonwealth Games Nomination Policy will be nominated to CGW for selection consideration.

Any athlete who has not received a nomination email should consider themselves as not being included in the list of nominations to CGW. Confirmation of this can be sought by emailing the Swim Wales National Performance Director.

Those swimmers who are not included in the list of nominations to CGW will have the right to appeal their non-nomination. Appeals shall only be considered if they address the selection process, clarification of fact or provide new and relevant information / evidence. Grounds for appeal do not include; eligibility, health (unless directly related to the nomination policy under section 3.8a ), or performances achieved outside the qualification window or set criteria.

All appeals must be received, in writing by email, including the grounds upon which the appeal is made, to the Swim Wales National Performance Director by 12.00 midday on 8th December. Any appeals will be passed directly onto the Appeals Official for review, and in all instances, Swim Wales will respond in writing by email to the swimmer by 1200 midday on the 9th December, notifying them of the outcome of the Appeal Process.

Please note: This nomination / appeals process does not apply to Para Swimming. Para Swimming selection will be via invite from the Commonwealth Games Association (and subsequent acceptance of this invite by CGW in consultation with Swim Wales). Selected Para swimmers should be informed of the their selection in mid to late December, but this will be dependent upon when CGW and Swim Wales receive notification of the invites.