Jemma Lowe
D.O.B: 31/03/1990
Club: Swansea ITC
Coach: Bud Mcallister


PB's in main events: 200m butterfly, 100m butterfly

LC       2.05.36, 57.43                                                 SC  2.03.94, 56.67


  • Competing on an international level since 2005.
  • Competed in two Commonwealth Games 2006 Melbourne and 2010 Delhi.
  • Olympic double finalist in 2008 Beijing.
  • Commonwealth bronze medallist in 100m Butterfly 2010.
  • Double Olympian, 2008 Beijing and 2012 London.
  • My dream is to win an Olympic Gold and break a world record.



  • If I didn't swim I would most likely be involved in another sport because I like to be active.
  • I like watching movies and going to the cinema, my favourite treats at the cinema are sweet popcorn and pick 'n' mix! 
  • I love music, especially upbeat stuff that I can dance to.
  • Swimming makes me have a big appetite, so I love food and enjoy eating out. I like baking yummy desserts. 
  • I love dress shopping, especially when I have a special occasion to buy one for. Although I find shopping quite tiring along side swimming so sometimes Internet shopping is great!
  • I love my rest and sleep as much as I can; I have to have my bed as comfy as possible!



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