Benefits of Membership

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  • Swimming Clubs are the foundation of Swim Wales. Clubs give swimmers their very first experiences in the water and start the process of training elite athletes. Future Olympic successes start at club level.
  • Swim Wales wants to help you build and maintain a successful swimming club. As a benefit of membership, Swim Wales can provide your club with various resources and support:
  • Trusted Brand - People interested in competitive swimming or learning to swim will be keen to join a club that conforms to Swim Wales regulations. That way they know they'll get excellent coaching, first rate lessons and fair treatment.
  • Coaching Excellence - Swim Wales runs a variety of courses, and provides easy access to UKCC courses and CPDs.
  • Legal Matters - We offer the guidance you need to run a club that complies with all areas of the law, and your club will receive insurance cover.
  • Swimming News - We help to keep clubs up-to-date with what's going on in the aquatic world with newsletters and via our website.
  • Volunteers - We offer support to people interested in helping out at their local swimming club - giving them information about training courses, etc. Swim Wales Young Officials' Academy aims to get them interested at a younger age.
  • Real people - We're not a faceless corporate entity or a faraway call centre. We're a small team of swimming enthusiasts who enjoy working with like-minded people. We're only a phone call or an email away. So if your club has a question that needs answering or a problem that needs tackling, get in touch with Swim Wales, and we'll do our level best to help you.