Carl Wyatt makes his GB debut at the European Qualifiers.

Carl Wyatt makes his GB debut at the European Qualifiers. 

Carl Wyatt of Carmarthen, as a junior, has just made the GB team for the European qualifiers in Sunderland. He made his debut against Israel winning 19-8, collecting 2 majors but no goals yet..

This is a fantastic success for the program and coach Ceri Fenner to have got a player to increase their fitness and skills to this level in 9 months is fantastic.

This is a result of the Wales training for the Commonwealths and how much it has done for him both in terms of how much extra training there is and the standard of the training in these Wales sessions.

This standard of program is making the difference for both the men and women and Carl is the front runner of a group of players that are raising the standard of the sport in Wales.

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Carl Wyatt with his GB coach Iosep Andrei.